ICLA Membership

All membership registration and payment will now be done via the ICLA website. There are different kinds of membership formulae (see below). Subscription to our journal Cognitive Linguistics is strongly encouraged and offered at a very sharp price. Membership without the journal is, however, also possible; in that case you will still benefit from all member benefits (access to the on-line Cognitive Linguistics bibliography, reduced registration fee at ICLC, 30% discount at books published by DeGruyter Mouton, etc.). We offer three methods of payment: (1) bank transfer (bank charges may apply), (2) payment via your PayPal account, or (3) payment with credit card. For the latter two, there are charges to pay; these will be split between the ICLA and you, which means that a small extra charge (2€) will be added to your payment for these two methods. We are working on lowering these costs in the future.

Note: For now, we use PayPal as our accreditor for credit cards; that means that in order to pay by credit card, you will have to create a PayPal account (free and easy). This is somewhat of an inconvenience at first, but facilitates membership renewal in the future.

If you have made the payment via bank transfer, your account will be manually activated by our webmasters. Because of this, please allow 48 hours for us to process your registration before contacting us.

If you have paid for the membership with on-line access to the journal Cognitive Linguistics, please visit the access page.

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