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We collect no information about our users (members) that is not supplied voluntarily through web forms or e-mail. The information supplied will be stored in a databank and is needed to offer certain services that require member access. We also use this information to communicate with our members.

Any information collected in this manner is never shared with anyone unless expressly allowed or requested by the user. We do not sell or reveal user information to anyone, unless required for access to external parties (for example, access to the journal Cognitive Linguistics); in these cases, sharing of information will be regulated by signed agreements between the ICLA and the external party. Information shared in this way will be kept to an absolute minimum.

We may at times collect anonymous tracking information to gauge usage patterns and the popularity of specific areas of the site. As with all other information, these data will not be shared with external parties. Cookies may be deactivated by the user at any time. They are not required for this site to function properly.


ICLA membership is for one year. Will be considered member: each individual who has signed up on the ICLA website and paid their membership fee. Payment of the fee can be done via the website (PayPal with link to credit card) or via bank transfer (costs at the expense of the sender). Automatic renewal of membership fee will be made possible.

Membership gives access to the journal (for 2015, most likely to change in 2016) as well as the member-only pages on the website. The latter include an individual profile page.

Disclaimer & copyright

The ICLA aspires to keep the information of the website up-to-date and accurate. It is, however, always possible that information is out-of-date or inaccurate; should that be the case, please tell us! [link to contact]

ICLA has copyright to this website and its contents. Apart from the usual citation, reproduction of the information of the ICLA website is prohibited without written permission. However, we do encourage you to mention and link to the site.

Some of the pictures on the ICLA website have been provided by Torkel Uggla [link to flickr or his email?] and remain his copyright; they may not be used or reproduced without permission. Other pictures may have been taken at conferences or other events; should anyone object to the use of these pictures, please contact the ICLA [link to contact].

ICLA members are themselves responsible for the accuracy of the information on the individual member pages; they are expected to keep the information up-to-date as well as morally correct. The ICLA cannot be held responsible for the information provided on these membership pages, but reserves itself the right to withhold or remove any offensive information from the individual member pages.

Some of the pages on the ICLA website offer links to external partners (e.g., affiliate organisations). When you click one of these partner links, you are no longer on our site and are subject to the privacy policy of the new site. The ICLA is not responsible for the contents of the information provided on these sites or of the accuracy thereof. Should you notice any inaccuracy or experience problems in this respect, please do contact us.