Cognitive Linguistics Conferences in Russia

Past conferences

Cognitive Linguistics International Congress

From 26 09 2006 until 28 09 2006

Tambov, Russia (Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin). Conference Coordinator: Professor Liudmila Fours.

The Third International Conference on Cognitive Science (Biennale of Cognitive Science 2008)

From 20 06 2008 until 25 06 2008

Moscow, Russia. Speakers include the Nobel Prize winners Gerald Edelman and Daniel Kahneman, as well as Antonio Damasio, Marc Hauser, George Lakoff, Michael Tomasello, Anne Treisman, Stella Vosniadou and others.

Biannual International Congress on Cognitive Linguistics

From 8 10 2008 until 10 10 2008

sponsored by the Russian Cognitive Linguists Association (RCLA/RALK, see RALK website in Russian), was held at Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin, Tambov, Russia. Conference Coordinator: Professor Liudmila Fours. Conference website (in Russian): Tambov Congress. Contact: Yuri Zusman, zusman AT

Cognitive Dynamics in Linguistic Interactions

From 17 06 2010 until 20 06 2010

Hosted by Baikal National University of Economics and Law, Irkutsk, Russian Federation.

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