Conditions and Procedures for Affiliation with the ICLA

1. How to apply for affiliation

  1. A group wishing to affiliate with the ICLA is required to submit an application to the ICLA Governing Board.
  2. The application should include the following :
    a. A statement of the desire to affiliate, based on broad adherence to the aims and scope of the ICLA
    b. A list of the group's current officers, and information about how to contact them (notably institutional affiliation, mailing address, email address, telephone and fax numbers)
    c. An indication of the group's current status (e.g., how long it has existed, how often it meets), its objectives, its recent and upcoming activities, and the number of members
    d. The group's constitution and/or other defining document
    e. Optionally, a list of members (preferably with information about how to contact them)
    f. Optionally, a website address that can be linked to the ICLA webpage. The group website should include pages that contain the information in (b), (c), and (d) above and be regularly updated.
  3. The Governing Board will decide on applications for affiliation. New applications may be submitted at any time by sending an application and supporting documents to the ICLA President and the Secretary by email. Newly approved affiliates will be announced at the next regular Business Meeting of the Assembly of the ICLA.

2. How to maintain affiliation

  1. To maintain affiliation, a group is merely required to file a brief yearly report with the ICLA Secretary
  2. The yearly report should include the following:
    a. An updated list of the group's current officers, with their current affiliations and contact information
    b. A brief summary of the group's developments and activities for the year (a page is sufficient)
    c. Optionally, an updated list of members (and information about how to contact them)
    d. Anything else the group's officers care to submit.
  3. Organizations should, if possible, construct an organization website that can be linked to the ICLA affiliates page.To save time in making sure ICLA has access to the most up-to-date information on the affiliate, the ICLA Secretary/Treasurer can simply check the organization's website in lieu of requesting an annual report, to see that its information is both complete and current. The website should be in a language readable by ICLA members from different continents.All ICLA affiliate websites should include the following information, either on the affiliate homepage, or on linked pages easily visible on the affiliate's homepage.
    1. Aims of the organization
    2. A list of past and upcoming conferences
    3. The affiliate's basic information, which includes:
      a.Current Governing Board/officers (with the dates of their terms)
      b.Constitution and date ratified
      c.Contact information (usually, the affiliate Secretary's address) so that prospective members can join
    4. The organization's history (ideal, but optional)
    5. A link from the homepage to the ICLA homepage
    6. A working BACK button; that is, there should be a way to get back easily to the ICLA pages.

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