Cognitive Semiotics: CFP and Special Theme Issue

*Cognitive Semiotics*, published by Mouton de Gruyter, is a platform for
the study of meaning-making writ large, as it is manifested in our
interactions with the surroundings in all domains, in the natural as well
as in the social world, in language and other semiotic resources, as well
as in perception, and in action. We invite all submissions which in one way
or other combine the inspiration from semiotics, cognitive science and/or
cognitive linguistics, broaching theoretical issues, realizing experimental
studies, or anything in-between.

Call for Papers: Cognitive Semiotics

Starting in 2018, the journal will publish one thematic issue each year,
whereas the other issue will be open to all contributions of relevance to
the study of cognitive semiotics. The second issue may however contain
thematic dossiers.

Call for Proposals of Thematic Issues or Dossiers:

The editors of *Cognitive Semiotics* welcome proposals for special issues
or dossiers that integrate perspectives, methods, and insight from
cognitive science, cognitive linguistics and semiotics for its forthcoming
publication schedule.

If you have a particular theme of relevance to the mission of the journal,
the editors are eager to discuss possibilities for running a special issue
as early as the spring issue of 2018, or beyond.

Please address a brief (approx. 1 page) proposal to Peer Bundgaard,
Editor-in-Chief, copying Göran Sonesson and Todd Oakley, Associate Editors
(addresses below). Special issue proposals should contain a description of
the theme and a statement of relevance to the journals research mission,
along with either 1) a list of prospective contributors with attached
abstracts, 2) a plan for soliciting contributions, or 3) some combination
of confirmed contributors and abstracts and plan for solicitation.

The editor-in-chief and associate editors will work closely with the
special issue editors on matters pertaining to solicitation, peer review,
copy editing, and publicity.

Inquiries and proposals are to be sent to the following addresses:

Peer Bundgaard <>

Göran Sonesson <>

Todd Oakley <>

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